Notes for EGOS 2016 presentation: “Paying Attention with the Analytic of Governmentality”


I’m standing in the hot, hot Roman summer sun waiting to collect my ticket to visit the Colosseum. Now is as a good a time as any to prepare notes for my presentation at the EGOS 2016 Conference (subtheme on “Critical Perspectives on Corporate Mindfulness and Workplace Spirituality“) in Naples in a couple of days.

My presentation is entitled “Paying Attention with the Analytic of Governmentality”. These are the points I aim to cover:

– Governmentality predicated on dual understanding of subjectivity: as subject to control and as practice of self-constitution as ethical subject of conscience

– Neoliberalism not merely as political economic program or “false consciousness” of ideology but as political ontology

– Neoliberal theory of human capital; a theory of an “empty” subject defined in terms of qualities, attributes, tendencies, rather than in terms of an anthropological self

– Foucault’s understanding of neoliberal governmentality vis-a-vis his interest in practices of self-care: complicit or transgressive?

– Ethics as critical practice and a non-normative ethical orientation of response-ability which intervenes in the affective conditions of encounters between self and other rather than provide the substantive terms of the encounters

– How do we cultivate the reciprocal tasks of the critique of mindfulness and the mindfulness of critique as scholar-practitioners of mindfulness?

God I’m melting in the sun.


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