five promises of #refuge

While I’ve been able to make use of my procrastination on social media to exercise my writing muscle and ponder on recurring ideas or themes, I still haven’t quite found my rhythm for this blog. So I am going to see if I can post more regularly here and organise my writings under the five promises of #refuge I wrote about recently.

Refuge welcomes us to give a promise the chance to become promising.

Refuge welcomes us to embrace the choicelessness of vulnerability.

Refuge welcomes us to foster commoning-in-difference.

Refuge welcomes us to share the joys of companionship, wonder, (ir)reverence, and awe.

Refuge welcomes us to be alone together, faithfully.

You can read the article here: “Mindfulness” and “Happiness” are a distraction. Shouldn’t we be speaking about Refuge?

It has also been republished here: Making Refuge: “Mindfulness” and “Happiness” are a distraction from our moral responsibility





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